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I Have a little Pinsher mix Chihuahua and we love finding new places with Bring Fido!!!!

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Real good place

Burgundy Lion

We loved our dinner with Roxy at this place! Great food and didn’t wait to have an outdoor table.

Sep. 08, 2023


Les Insulaires Microbrasseurs

Lovely place, good food, Great vibe, good beers and not too expensive
I highly recommand it!

Sep. 08, 2023

Wonderful place

Tiki Tiki

Great view, pet friendly, great service and good good. Generous.

Jan. 05, 2023


South Pointe Park Bark Park

Wow! What a wonderful place! We had a picnic overthere with our little dog, went after at the playground with our child and after that our child had fun at thé splash pad! It was cool to see the boats from the Park. The Park was clean and wonderful!

2023: we have been to South Beach at the end of it, Pointe Park. Altough officialy you cannot bring your dog, they are tolerant with small dogs because I saw a few little ones on the Beach. Mine is a bit old and doesn’t like to swim, she loves to sleep in her dog beach tent. I didn’t see dogs in the water. So if you have a small dog and you are discreet I think you can make it. The beach and the water is fabulous.

Jan. 05, 2023

Great experience!

Bulla Gastrobar

Lovely place! Great service, delicious spanish tapas, great outdoors tables, they love dogs. Highly recommand it!

Jan. 04, 2023

Very Nice!

Wynwood Walls

my husband, myself and our teenagers and also our dog loved to walk in thé district to see the street art!

Jan. 03, 2023

Wonderful beach!

Sombrero Beach

What a wonderful beach! We enjoyed with our dog!

Jan. 03, 2023

No to far from Miami

Hobie Island Beach Park

Relaxing place.... Nice to be with our dog to relax over there. It was difficult to find a place to Park as it was crowded on hollidays. The water is clear, but a little bit rocky as we enter. Then the sand was soft and after we saw grass in the water. Lovely day. I wish more beaches could be open for dogs in the Area.

Jan. 04, 2020

Great service

Blue Giraffe

Beautiful and shady place! Excellent service and they bring water for our furry friends

Jan. 01, 2020

Good and Shady perfect

Schnapper's Hots

Love it!

Jan. 01, 2020

Wow great Beach!

Bowman's Beach Park

Love it!

Jan. 01, 2020

Lovely place

GO-GO Fresh Food

Lovely place, well seated and lots of shade

Jan. 01, 2020

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Les Insulaires
Roxy at Les Insulaires
The place
The food
The place
The view
My doggie
Street art by artists
Having a snack in the park
Sunshine in the park
So Nice!
Husband day care!
I love it!
Miam empanadas
Good food
Good food
Relaxing Time
Nice place!
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